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Personally i like it, it has good graphics and mechanics. Did it well in the scary moments, it was a great game experience, good job!! 

Nahh, this game got me screaming! Wonderful game, hope to see more horror games

This game scared me too many times!!

Yeah personally, other than the lag and mouse moving it seems great! I had this same issue with the indie horror game Rojo, but the game had an option to tune down the sensitivity. I would add that and maybe make it a little longer. My fav type of scare and eerieness, is creepy things have a build up. Like first you hear noises, then maybe like a door being closed then you come back its open. Maybe someone staring at your behind in the mirror. Stuff like that really gives me goosebumps! I would love to make a game like this but I don't have the skill or know how. Lixian if you see these comments, it appears like an outstanding short horror game, but please fix the tracking and add a few more spooks! It looks awesome! I'm sorry man, not trying to be a downer or anything, but just giving advice. 

Great game, thanks lixian. So, i made video about this game)

Cool game,Cool graphics,I got all 3 endings.

Great game, i made a yt about it!

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Hey just tried out the game and there are some issues with it. I know its very hard to make a video game in general and the graphics, sound design, is amazing! Although, I was trying to record it for my youtube channel, but I ran into some problems. My only real complaint is the sensitivity of the character looking around. I barely could play 3 minutes of it before quitting. Half the time I barely would move my mouse and the camera would fling around wildly. I didn't even know what I was looking at most of the time. I'm not trying to be harsh here just letting you know. The other thing is the lag. It was pretty bad. The game never froze or anything but when I looked around or moved it was very laggy and I couldn't even play it Other than maybe adding some creepy music, it seems like a great game. If you fix the mouse tracking, I'll definitely give it a film for my channel! 

I had the same issues, other than that, great game!

wish i could go back in time 10 minutes ago when i had clean underwear before playing this game 

great game

Thanks heaps for another amazing game lixian

Need More, Great Game


I will be live in 10 minutes at 5:00pm CST playing your game, as well as two others!

(Since this is a livestream, I can't say anything about the game yet, but I will send another comment about it after the stream is over!)

Looking forward to playing your creation!

Loved this! Can't wait to play more of your stuff.

See me poop my pants below.
I've just started on youtube so any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks :)

really good game!

It was good but I couldnt play the game for more than 6 minutes without feeling nauseas, each time you move the screen is blurry and the mouse FOV system was confusing

Loved the voice acting in this game, lol! It was a lot of fun to play and loved learning more about you too!

As much as I hate cleaning, this game was amazing.

this game was insane! check out ym upload i promise its worth it XD

Honestly could of played allot longer. Made you a lil video: 

Very fun short horror game.

Really knows how to get your guard down. Worth a download!

Great Game! 10 out of 10

Buddy boy summoned a Demon in his house and proceeded to send me over to clean it. 

You WOULD NOT catch me doing this job… Unless I get $50.

i bit of scared this cheep jumpskare fellow.

P.S. I saw you'r video very nice

Yo I played your game it scared me man look at my reaction

Yeah Man me too hoomie

Can you take a look on my game? Please?

another impressive game! congratulations. 

Awesome game i really liked the options for replaying it to get the other endings and the scares did get me 9/10 solid game!!!

I really loved it! Super scary, too.

GREAT JOB DEVELOPER. Legit one of the worst jump scares I've ever had. Hope my video does your game justice  Pensive Face

dang lixian!


NEVER EXPECTED TO BE A MAID OR THIS SCARED LOVED IT. i played it in my 3 scary games video the very last game

I got so scared my feet started itching. This is horror game of the year.

10\10 veryy scary especially the design of the demon makes me shit my pants overall good game. :D  



very true

Bro it says your game has a virus

my game? Theres no virus in my game dude. I swear on my parents my game doesnt have a virus.

Even if I have EVERYTHING to the lowest setting, the FPS is very bad (I want to say ~10FPS at best?) on Mac. (At least, for me...)
I think it'd help if the assets loaded / unloaded if you enter / leave a room.
I'd love to play this for a video...

Maybe it's your GPU? It ran just fine for me and most other people.

Game actually scared the crap out of me, need an X button for the tasks. But game was alot of fun and the multiple endings were great and accurate.

Pretty cool game. I love how simple yet effective the scares are. Really got me on the edge of my seat with the athmosphere and the sound effects. 

Awesome game, loved every minute of it!

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