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Hey I know itโ€™s been a long while since uploading the game, but would you mind labelling the zip archive with the platforms it supports? Thatโ€™s how the itch app determines how to install the game, which is really helpful for me running windows games on linux. Love your games! XOXO


Literally made me jump! I had so much fun playing great game :)

awesome game great potential

I'm so excited for the full release, and I can't wait to see what happens next! This one had me on the edge of my seat! 

Finally got to try out the game! I'm excited to try out a full release if one becomes available! :-) Thanks for the hard work Lixian as always, and sorry I couldn't beat it! ^-^*


i downloaded this and the game file didnt download



was super disapointed. im actually looking for games to stream for my friends and i cant stream this on discord as the game file isnt there


A great game, I can't wait to play more in a full version. 10/10! 

yo such a cool game check out here for some tips and maybe turn down the monsters ya know but also make them not do as much damage as they do.

The monsters were a bit loud, but the game definitely kept me on my toes. Well done. Second game in my video

The monsters in this game scream so loud that I feel like my eardrum burst. This was a fantastic game to play, love every sec of this game. Please finish this game.

This was fantastic! I'd Love to see the monster models unpixelated they look terrifying! 

shorty but I hd a blast- and it definitely scared me!

I love the game Lixian, but for me, every time I died, the game froze, and it was pretty scary. Also, here is my video I did for my YouTube channel.

Very scary, i need more plz :)

Great game can't wait for the full release!

It's really fun so far, great job!

Hello, this game is very good, the sounds are very good, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, greetings...

So a Dead Space, but Victorian Ship. Clever hahaha
Was too short to actually have an opinion on it. Maybe the monsters are just a bit too strong and difficult to deal with. There is no way you won't get hit.

Nice game. It's pretty good for the time frame it was made.

For what this was, it was not bad. Made a video on it.

yoo new lixian content les goo


Looking forward for the full game

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this is so good so far!! was pretty busy today so quite late playing it... whoops, but i cant wait for the full release! the whole 'aesthetic' of it is really nostalgic in a way and even though im pretty bad at it (was struggling near the end aha), i still managed to finish what there was to play so far and its amazing as always!! spooked me alot LOL! ๐Ÿ’“

I thought that this was a very solid prototype! Would definitely play a full game of this! Left some of my personal opinions/thoughts at the end of the video!

really great game


Hey Lixian! I tried your game out, the only reason I know of you is because of Markiplier, so you can thank him later... I am just kidding, I appreciate the game and all the content you have made over the years brother! Hope you can check out my vid and enjoy!

Lixian, I loved playing this! The scares made me jump, and the audio you used gave me chills when the monsters charged at me! I can't wait to see the final product.Keep up the amazing work!

lixie ๐Ÿ˜” please consider ports for android,i love watching Markiplier play your games,just wish i could experiance them

Pretty cool demo! I liked that it takes place in a setting that seems like it would be out of place in space, but definitely intriguing enough to want to know more about the setting! What happened in this ship? Who built the ship? What are these creatures? Can't wait to play the full game! Awesome job!