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Felt like a rage game at some points lol, also, I didn't actually think I'd be able to get all the endings but I somehow did, but overall really good game, enjoyed playing it 🤠

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




Loved the game and different endings! The music was cool and unlocking the artwork was a nice trophy! ^_^

¡Me encantó este juego! Hice un Gamplay en español, quiero que muchos más jueguen tu juego!

Awesome game! Did not see that ending coming.

I absolutely love this game!!

Good game with just enough weirdness to keep the atmosphere creepy and keep me suspicious of what was going on.

It says I should have killed them all but I did is this a problem?


This is such a fun and clever game. LOVE IT

Loved it, even if one part made me want to rip my hair out.

There is a glitch when you kill a you die the same frame you kill wooffle it keeps the kill counted. Didn't record it but I have screen shot


Really good game! Really enjoyed the mix feeling of uneasy! Love horror games like this! Keep going

Dear lixian, you are a GREAT developer amazing even! but... WHERE IS WEB VERSION AVAILABLE

best regards, mr arcage

Completed all the endings and redid the last one to see if there was another way i absolutely love this!

got on here to play the one ending markus pliers didn't get ;p that was a dark one senhor lixian

this game was so far I fully completed and might reset to get it deathless and restart less

The things we do for LOVE!  This was a very interesting game.  Sadly, I don't think I won, but it was an interesting experience.

I just finished the last ending, and I gotta say this is brilliant. The way you do stuff without noticing it during the first playthrough really blew my mind.

Heya! My girlfriend gave this game a shot.  She didn't get all the endings, but she enjoyed the pixel aesthetic.   :)

When it said she opened her locker, locker 17, and it had a gun in it, i counted the lockers til 17 and tried to open it, maybe to get a secret or something but nope! As far as i am aware, that clever way to hide secrets was not a secret at all. Fun game though, really enjoyed the puzzle mechanics and multiple endings. :)

She was a little freak 

When you're using a wide curved monitor so the bottom of the game cuts off, preventing you from seeing the dialog and making you confused about what the hell is going on and why the scary lady won't get off the screen after waiting for 5 minutes until you spam click

frick why is it not for mac

would you do it for her?? really good game

saw this on a '5 random horror games' played by John Wolfe,loads of times,but only just tweeked that this was made by Markipliers Lixian.🥰

So, I just completed this, along with all of the endings, and I just have to say: this was amazing! This is the best platformer that I've ever played. Congratulations to the people who made this. I'd highly recommend this game. 10/10

I played this about two years ago but now I played it again to get all the endings! Still super fun.

Muito legal o jogo, gravei o puppet ending e legendei:

It is very good, even with less than a day of work. Also loved the vid :)

I like the game a lot! Nice work

For some reason, i can't play the game... it won't let me play it! What is the reason behind this?


If you have not yet managed to play but would like to see how the game is, you can see this gameplay:

I'm wondering if you're having the same problem as me! For me when I install the game it doesn't appear in my folder but appears on the bottom of my google page. If I try clicking on it or clicking "show in folder" it just says removed! I would really love to play this game and hope I can get some advice or feedback!


Cool.....I didn't play the game yet so idk

I like this game, I saw the video before though.  Really like the graphics and the plot/story. Lixian Keep up the good work and keep on working through the years having some really good vibes. Have a Good Life!

Really liked this game I passed all the endings an enjoyed it also was happy about the simple plot very much recommend.

How can I actually play it its not letting me



its not downloading


Hey Lixian, I played your game in a video.
I must say, considering you made that in just 24 hours well... I was impressed to see that it had this many endings. Also keep up your good work. I liked this a lot.

very good game I enjoyed it a lot loved the endings 


I like the concept, it was original and simple :)

it was a really amazing game OuO i liked the smooth controls what i thougt was funny that you where able to stand on the edge of a platform an look the monster in his eyes without touching them OuO got all 5 endings and it was pretty awesome, i liked it

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