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This is simply unbelievable! The graphics is very beautiful, the music + sounds are wonderful, and the plot is just 10/10!
Great job, I really liked it! Such simple but at the same time brilliant projects motivate me to make my own games!
Thank you very much, Lixian!


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It was definitely a challenging game near the end (of which I love challenges). I played until I got all the endings. Ironically though, this game was almost my reality growing up starting when I was in 3rd grade. I was a bully victim (physically and verbally) and was even suspended for what other students did to me. I had a similar "voice" (homicidal thoughts) telling me to use the knife on my classmates in high school during certain weeks where I would be bullied more worse than the others.  I was fed up with most of my classmates especially because some of the teachers supported my classmates' actions against me. Thank God I chose not to listen to that voice that tried to make me kill those classmates who were guilty for treating me the way they did. I know I rambled on in this review of the game, but I didn't really think much of those memories until I got the Awake ending. I was able to heal from that abuse years after high school graduation. Nowadays, it's hard to offend me, but it was scary to think that my life almost became like this game. Overall, great job, maybe later on tonight I'll play another one of your other games...I'll do it for you Lixian! (couldn't resist that) lol

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I can't play that game I have android

Lovely game... Well, not lovely... good experience. haha

I think this game is like a metaphor. A metaphor for the personal demons.

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

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your game has a bug...

If you die, you respawn, but you cant move left or right.

could you fix this?

(its on the level where if you kill a monster you cant get a heart.)

Smart level design and cool narrative. Enjoyed playing this a lot, thank you!


Well I am pretty sure it is supposed to be hard, considering it is that LAST LEVEL.


Trial and error is the key to surviving the harder levels. 

Lix! A+! Loved it :D

HEY LIXIAN !! I wanted to do a video for you so I thought this was the best way to

I really enjoy your videos, games and your little apperances in marks videos :) keep up the hard work 

Lix,  could you please make a mac, and chromebook version. please.

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Was going to play this middway through your Youtube video... But there's no Mac version, so I'll just have to watch the spoilers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seems like there's enough comments asking for Mac version to warrant uploading one.

This is a wonderful little game.  I watched your development video if it, played the game fully prior to watching the spoiler section, then finished the video.  I don't think it's entierly tedious to get all the endings, though if the game was expanded it would definitely quickly get to that point.

I understand the game is complete (and it's very polished), but if you were to expand it any further I would like to see the "weirdness" occurring throughout each run change based on how your run is going.  Halfway through and you haven't killed anyone?  Perhaps different kinds of "reality breaking through" effects going on. Going on a psychopath run?  Maybe the girl's spooky appearences are more panicked - there's something more wrong with you than there is with her.  Thing slike that.

Thank you for making this.  I enjoyed watching the dev video, and really enjoyed the entertainment I got from it!

what about mac version? :))

I did it all

I’m trying to play but it’s not working

Very good game

markiplers editor

I need a MacOS version!!!!

I played this game for my game design research. Awesome game, definitely will be using some points as reference :) 


can you make this game playable on Mac? I am using a Macbook and cannot play this game on a Windows pc.

this game is adorable! I was obviously sure it was going to get weird but i was not considering the end result lol this is my play of it i really enjoyed it.


Mac Pls )

It can be tedious if you want to get all of the endings, but it is a fresh take on the romantic genre.

gg. Good game.

Very nice game! nice work :)

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I love this game and had to join the very small speedrun community.

Here's a video of me completing the puppet ending in only 2:10.580 

Awesome game. Finished all the possible ways. Love it!

Congratulations for doing it in such a short time!

WOW This game is the best

I use linux and am forced with the jam version, still stays fun yet also frustrating.

i love it!! part 2 please? (just asking)

Can you make this game compatable for mobile players as well? I would love to play your game but I only have my phone.

I saw your video yesterday, so I tried your game...

I did all the endings, and it was truly amazing! I loved it, good job!



Do it.... for Mac players too... please?

Very unique gameplay and really gives games like this a good story element! Cannot wait to see what you make in the future! His animations are super dope and no doubt this game was real fun to play! 

Short and yet unsettling game about love(?) and murder-- the perfect combination. My thirst for more yandere games has been quenched, bless. ♡

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