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Do It For Me is a sidescroller horror platform game.
The original version of this game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam #2.
I decided to make a couple of improvements to the game and release it as a full game.

Programming / Pixel Art / Music: Me [Lixian]
Additional Art [Hand Painted + Pixel Hearts]: Fábio Pinto


  • Improved controls - The jumping was improved significantly compared to the jam version and the game is also more accessible due to more input options. ( Attack can be performed in 3 different keys now for instance).
  • New Levels added / Reworked previous levels
  • Added Sound Effects - They were MUCH needed.
  • Added 2 more endings - On top of the 3 previous existing endings, there are now two more endings, plus a screen that shows you all the endings you have unlocked.
  • Improved Game Feel - Things like screen shake, particles and screen effects.
  • Added Game Events - Fun creepy things happen during the game now.
  • Reworked Menus and Credits - Menus and buttons look slightly better.
  • Reworked Dialog Scenes - New font, reworked UI and character lines.


Challenging / Diverse Gameplay - Each level was crafted to challenge you regardless of what ending you are looking for. Different endings will require different strategies.

  • Shocking Story - ...
  • Replayability - This game has 5 different endings and each playthrough will be different since most levels will require different approaches to be completed.
  • Original Soundtrack - From creepy and melancholic to 8-bit and upbeat music.
  • Pixel Art - Colorful pixel art.


  • A and D to Move
  • W / Space to Jump
  • F / J / LMB to Attack


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Do It For Me V1.0.1 - 64bit 66 MB
Do It For Me V1.0.1 - 32bit 64 MB
Do It For Me - Soundtrack 26 MB
Do It For Me V1.0.0 66 MB

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It can be tedious if you want to get all of the endings, but it is a fresh take on the romantic genre.

gg. Good game.

Very nice game! nice work :)

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I love this game and had to join the very small speedrun community.

Here's a video of me completing the puppet ending in only 2:10.580 

Awesome game. Finished all the possible ways. Love it!

Congratulations for doing it in such a short time!

WOW This game is the best

I use linux and am forced with the jam version, still stays fun yet also frustrating.

i love it!! part 2 please? (just asking)

Can you make this game compatable for mobile players as well? I would love to play your game but I only have my phone.

I saw your video yesterday, so I tried your game...

I did all the endings, and it was truly amazing! I loved it, good job!



Do it.... for Mac players too... please?

Very unique gameplay and really gives games like this a good story element! Cannot wait to see what you make in the future! His animations are super dope and no doubt this game was real fun to play! 

Short and yet unsettling game about love(?) and murder-- the perfect combination. My thirst for more yandere games has been quenched, bless. ♡

Super cool jam game, love the art and animations!

Neat :) Wish this game can be continued on development!!!

Awesome game. I suck at platform games, come to find out. But I had A LOT of fun! 

Part 2! Now with more murder endings!

For something made in a short time and being so quick to play, it has a decent amount of replay value, and I like that about it. I genuinely had a lot of fun playing it for this video. Keep up the good work, guy.

Such a cool idea! I love 2D platformers and this has a creepy aesthetic! Awesome job!


Mini review for spanish speakers.

Pretty cool game! nice to try it. Please check my rating on this same page for in deep analysis!

I did it for her, and actually I really enjoyed it !  Going through the game is simple enough, cute and dark in the same time . I did the Puppet ending for the first run, did a second one for the video, then ended up playing it three more  times to get the other endings ( well once i've read the ending names, it was crystal clear ) 

Events are nicely done, they're not scary, but you can feel something isn't right in the game even before seeing the end. That said I was expecting more of them or at least different ones depending of what we were doing.

Anyway, it's a really nice game, with a simple yet effective creepy side  =)

( Do it for me start at  6:14 )

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I did the thing for her.  Nicely made little game. :)

Awesome little game with a ton of replayability, and I adore games with a cute coating but dark inside. Well done!

This is amazing. Simply amazing. It's a warped, twisted, deviously devilish little action platformer game with multiple endings that DEMANDS a replay!

Honestly, you should play this game through every which way you can because there's so much to see... there's not really anything I would call a "good" ending but there's something in there to make you feel less crappy about what you've been led into.

Lixian has created an absolute mini-masterpiece here and I urge you all to give it a go. It's got that old-school charm to it which immediately brings the nostalgia level in, but then as time wears on your realise that there's so much more going on here.

Do It For Me is waaaaay up there on my favourite games of this year, keep up the as-ever awesome work Lixian! =D

I really liked the atmosphere of the this game and the jump scares are well timed - definitely worth a go! 

(And don't end up a puppet like me! 😂)

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Found the game very enjoyable did 2 out of 5 endings

Fun game, I found the idea of getting certain endings based on what you do and don't collect to be very interesting!

this game is alright. tho i do wish for more levels, enemies and more scares. tho your games won't be as good as my games. but that's just one of our member's opinions. tho we all agree with more levels, enemies and more scares.

How narcissistic can you be?


why? i said how good this game is

how full of yourself can be? 'wont be as good as my games' i assure this game is better than yours, lmao

i said it by accident. plus, me and his games are good. trust me

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This game was so cool! I got on discord and got one of my other friends to play it so I could see what ending he got first :> (It was the puppet ending like me lmao) great game! :D
Also my favorite ending is sociopath :>

I dont trust her

Had a blast trying out this game!  

Please consider making a Mac port!

hello i must say i really enjoyed playing this game , i do like the idea of playthroughs being different when trying to get the 5 endings along with the seemingly innocent game play at the very beginning hiding a dark secret to what is actually going on overall really enjoyed this game, i also made lets play so i hope you enjoy! 

Lixian can animate, edit, and now make games? Now that's some talent. Do It For Me, despite being something made in such a short time, is a fun game concept! While not super original, I enjoyed how it was implemented. That it was a sidescrolling platformer also makes it stand out to me and the audio definitely works well to keep the spook going, which is always important in games like this. My first time through, I got a basic ending, but I'm curious to see what the more extreme ones are!

Good job!

This was a great game honestly, my mind got blown to say the least 😂 I'm happy we can get our revenge after getting played tho lol. I made a video too, hope you enjoy :))

this game is a great little game, i love that it has different endings! really nice :D i played it for my YT channel aswell, if youre intrerested in seeing it:

The game turned out to be really great but the most "annoying" issue to say it would be the jumping and how long you had to press for it to work in some way. I found out that mid game.

Overall 10/10. Keep at it.


Hi I made a gameplay about this game! I Hope You won't mind if I upload it in my channel! 

Thank You!

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