Bad Endings Bug Fix & 32bit Version

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I would like say, from the bottom of my heart,  THANK YOU!! 

The amount of support and feedback on the game has been amazing and I cannot thank you enough for it.

Now, the bug! Some people have been able to kill more than the maximum amount of enemies, which totally breaks the Blind Love and Psychopath Endings. The problem was the game was checking for an exact number, so the easiest way to fix this was to, instead of checking if the player killed exactly 16 woofles, it will now check if it killed 16 or more. It's not the best or more elegant solution, but it should fix it.

I have also added a 32bit version for Windows. Please, 32bit players, let me know if everything is okay.

Again, thank you guys so much, your support has been amazing. Thank you for all the downloads, all the comments, all the let's play videos and all the love, I really appreciate it <3

Take Care ;)


Do It For Me V1.0.1 - 64bit 66 MB
Jun 05, 2019
Do It For Me V1.0.1 - 32bit 64 MB
Jun 05, 2019

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