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Welcome to Mind Ripple.

This is a short, experimental, psychedelic platformer made by me (Lixian), the programmer, and my friend Gabriel Holtschlag, the artist, for the Global Game Jam 2018.

The music was made by the talented Aurélien Lino.

The theme was Transmission, so in this game you play as a little kid who has telekinesis and you must use it to solve puzzles and traverse the environment.

Like I said, it's short and far from perfect (made in 48 hours) but we're really proud of how it turned out.

A - Move Left
D - Move Right
W - Jump
Mouse - Grab Objects

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
TagsExperimental, Pixel Art, Prototype, psychedelic, Short, telekinesis, trippy


Mind Ripple V1.1.zip 63 MB

Install instructions

  • Unzip
  • Run Mind Ripple.exe


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encountered a funny bug, if you're running the game in more than 60 fps which is I assume what was intended for this game, you'll get stuck on the 3rd level with the gates and shiet because the gates close rather quickly than your speed (i guess lix forgot to multiply by delta time haha)

This was a fun and interesting one.  Makes me want more game in this world with these mechanics.

A 10-minute game that really nails the creepy and unsettling atmosphere.


HEY LIXIAN!! This is my fan video that i dedicated to you and your gamess!


i like your stuff good job 

i also subbed because you deserve man


Is this a 32-bit version ?  cuz i really want to download it :)


Overall I really enjoyed this! I think the only things I ever found fault with were the telekinesis dropping the boxes on contact with the environment and some edges seeming ending before they looked like they would. Other than that the atmosphere was oppressive, the environment was sinister and the puzzles were impressive for a 48 hour jam title. The music and pixel art were on pint as well! Awesome to see you branching out into other media as well!