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Welcome to Shield Blast

Shield Blast is a challenging Shoot'em up/escort mission.

Planet Earth is running low on resources and your goal is to help the cargo spaceship, named Mother Ship, reach Planet Earth. You are in hostile territory and will be attacked by all kind of alien enemies such as flowers, mushrooms and weird Lovecraftian creatures.


  • Challenging Gameplay - Where you need to master the use of shooting and the Shield Blast to succeed.
  • The Shield Blast - You can't be on both corners of the screen at the same time so use the Shield Blast to aid you in your adventure.
  • Ship Upgrades - Kill enemies to earn money and use it to upgrade your ship.
  • Epic Bosses - Fight against Epic Bosses that fill most of the screen at the end of each level.
  • Weird Enemies - Fight against flowers, ladybugs, mushrooms and weird Lovecraft inspired enemies.
  • Pixel Art - Vibrant and colorful pixel art.
  • Original Upbeat Soundtrack - Blast through enemies with an upbeat original soundtrack.


  • Use the mouse to move your ship
  • Left Mouse Button to Shoot (hold to shoot continuously)
  • Right Mouse Button to use Shield Blast
  • Escape to Pause


Get this game and 1 more for $3.99 USD
View bundle
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Hi Lixian! This looks like a great game! Hopefully when I get money soon I'll be able to buy it. Can't wait! 

Amazing game! please take a took at our new game too! 


Thanks for the support!

Fluffy Team!